Could EMFs cause CFS?

Lloyd Burrell’s recent blog posting asks some interesting questions about the source of Chronic Fatigue and whether it may be linked to Electromagnetic radiation.  An extract is shown below to help you decide.

Robert O. Becker, author of Cross Currents, points out “chronic-fatigue syndrome has been found to be widespread in the electronics industry…

Ryoichi Ogawa, a physician in Kobe, performed a study on CFS and noticed that about 80% of his CFS patients were frequent users on a daily basis of cell phones, personal computers, TV games and other IT devices. He found that “Reduced cerebral blood flow may possibly result from the influence of electromagnetic waves from IT equipment

A 1998 study by Roger Coghill suggests that 50 Hz electric fields adversely affect human peripheral blood lymphocytes. He went on to note that “a decrease in human peripheral blood lymphocytes could be implicated in the development of CFS“.

Lucinda Grant in the The Electrical Sensitivity Handbook states “Other at-risk groups for developing Electro Sensitivity seem to be chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) patients…. Because the nervous system is a primary site impacted by both chemicals and electromagnetic fields, those with nervous system damage from toxic exposures seem more susceptible to becoming Electro Sensitive too.”  Read the full article

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Having worked at the Dove Clinic for nearly five years I have learned quite a lot about CFS and the various treatment approaches. I have also known a family member and friends who have experienced the disorder and the many ways in which it manifests itself.

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